First Congregational Church of Boylston
Tuesday, August 04, 2020
Celebrating 275 Years of Ministry!


We are please to have Charles Nwachukwu as our Music Director! Charles brings lively, energetic, creative gifts to the keys of both the pipe organ and the piano. He brings a heart for worship and praise of God, and loving direction of fellow church musicians. 



Our Choir has fun singing in support of our Congregation's worship. We look for music that is enjoyable to sing and to hear, and lifts up our worship and praise of God. We typically sing SATB (four-part) or SAB (three-part) arrangements, although we mix them up once in a while.
If you enjoy singing, you need not have experience in a choir. We'd love to have you sing with us, and to teach you as we go.
The Choir practices at 9:00 am each Sunday (from September into early June), to prepare music for the following Sunday, and to polish the music for that same day.
The Bell Choir practices once per week, and plays in worship approximately once per month from October through May or June. As soon as this year's schedule is set, we will post it here and on the events calendar.
Prelude of December 17, 2017: A retro look at the dedication of the Flagg Memorial Organ in 1927, "Variations on a Theme" by Bonnet, performed by Charles Nwachukwu. Enjoy at this link:  (Audio)