About Us


The First Congregational Church of Boylston is an independent church body. Our heritage is that of New England Congregationalism, which is evident in elements of our worship, traditions, and organization.


Our life as a congregation is centered around Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church. Leadership is shared by a team of Servant Leaders, of whom the Pastor is one, who lead in serving and serve in leading. Several boards provide the next level of leadership and service in different major areas, and committees provide specific areas of service such as the deacons and trustees.


Children are a welcome part of our church life, and are included in our worship service.


Sunday School is provided for preschool through 7th grade, from the second Sunday in September through the second Sunday in June.


After 7th grade, we have youth group, who go on fun day and over night trips.


Nursery care is provided during worship.


Mustard Seed is a time of a faith-based craft or other activity following the Children's Message during worship.